Forest funds


Taaleri Forest provides a different model for forest ownership: we look after all aspects of forest investments on behalf of our customers and provide the possibility for a steady and stable cash flow.

Taaleri Forest is a new way to own a piece of Finnish forest. Although there is no shortage of forests in Finland, investing in them is not that easy. It takes a lot of in-depth knowledge of the acquisition and management of forest assets, correctly timed harvesting and sales. Taaleri Metsä looks after all these under the management of our forest expert Jyrki Ketola. The model for maximising the return from forest investments is another unique feature of the Taaleri model: we will optimise the return of invested capital, not the return per hectare which is the conventional approach.

Historically stable investment

The investor making forest investments can expect a steady and stable cash flow. Forest is also an excellent element for diversifying the investment portfolio, because the return from forest investments will not correlate with shares or government bonds. Furthermore, forests have historically maintained their value and offered protection against inflation because the price of wood has followed the general inflation rate. Therefore Taaleri Forest is a comprehensible, concrete and historically stable investment in Finland.

Demand for wood on the rise

Finland will not run out of forests. The volume of forests in Finland has kept increasing from the 1950s because the annual reduction, i.e. harvesting and natural reduction together only account for approximately 70% of the annual total growth of wood stock. The demand outlook for Finnish wood is also positive. Timber exports to the Fare East are growing fast, as is the production of pulp in Finland. Wooden structures are increasingly popular in the construction business, and the consumption of high-quality cardboard is on the rise. The returns from forest can also be optimised by correctly timed harvesting and sales.

taaleri forest funds I and III

Taaleri Forest I and III create a model of forest ownership, which allows our customers to own their part of Finnish forest without any forest management concerns.

Taaleri Forest Funds invest in Finnish forests. The forests managed by the funds cover a total area of approximately 18 500 hectares. The forest generates a steady cash flow for its owner.

The funds are closed and no longer accept new investors.