Wind Power FUNDS


Finland is a rapidly growing market for wind power and has also attracted foreign investors, thanks to the consistency of political decision-making and availability of financing. The current volume of exports can be substantially increased because we have plenty expertise in wind energy technology in Finland.

Low correlation with other investment objects

The main risks of operating wind farms are related to wind fluctuations which do not depend on stock and interest markets, for example. The low degree of correlation allows reducing the total risk of the investment portfolio through diversification.

Efficient risk management

We seek to efficiently distribute the investment-related risks between different actors, among other things by carefully selecting our partners and by efficiently and accurately surveying the projects.

The wind farms’ operating costs and cash flows for debt servicing are predictable quantities when the investment is made.

Impacts on national economy and the environment

Wind power is a renewable and environmentally friendly for of energy, and Finland is committed to EU’s goals for increasing the share of renewable energy and for curbing the climate change.

The real estate tax and land rent payable for the wind parks, as well as the jobs created by the projects all increase the revenues of the municipality and the incomes of its inhabitants. At the same time, Finland’s self-sufficiency in energy supply is improved and the imports of electrical power are reduced.

Taaleri is one of the biggest wind power actors in Finland

Taaleri went into the wind power business in 2010. Taaleri’s first wind power fund, Tuulitehdas I, was launched on 8 December 2010 and closed only two months later due to its big demand.

Taaleri Tuulitehdas II, so far the largest of Taaleri’s current capital funds, was established in spring 2014 while the third in the series, Taaleri Tuulitehdas III, was established in summer 2016.


The Taaleri Tuulitehdas I wind power fund was launched in 2010. It had a significant amount of wind power (86.4 MW) constructed in Finland.

In autumn 2015, the fund sold its wind farm in Honkajoki to companies controlled by Goodyields Capital GmbH and Access Capital Partners. The Honkajoki wind farm consists of nine wind power generators and has a total rated power of 21.6 MW. Taaleri also continues to operate the divested wind farm on behalf of the new owner and is responsible for the production control and maintenance of the wind farm as well as for other activities required for power generation.

The fund is closed and no longer accepts new investors.


The Taaleri Tuulitehdas II Fund was established in 2014. It has started eight wind farm projects with a total rated power of 186 MW. Some of the fund’s projects are already producing electricity, while part of the fund’s wind farms are currently under construction.

The fund is closed and no longer accepts new investors.


Tuulitehdas III is Taaleri’s third wind power fund. The fund was launched in summer 2016. The fund’s first wind farm with 11 generators is under construction in Hyrynsalmi.

Guaranty-insured profit distribution loan

The fund was implemented in cooperation with Garantia Insurance Company. Investments in the fund have been possible either by subscribing profit distribution loans without a guaranty or by subscribing profit distribution loans covered by a guaranty insurance issued by Garantia. A guaranty insurance issued by Garantia covers the capital invested by the investor to the extent that Taaleri Tuulitehdas III has called it in. If the feed fund has not returned by the end of the term of Tuulitehdas III to the investors the amount corresponding to the invested capital, either as a loan repayment or returned interest, Garantia will pay the difference between the invested capital and the returned funds as an insurance compensation.

The fund is closed and no longer accepts new investments.