Co-investments is an alternative asset class, which includes investing in unlisted companies. In the Taaleri model, investments are made in individual companies, meaning that the investor can personally assess each company and get a sense of direct ownership. Investment returns are based on professional and active ownership, which results in capital appreciation. Finding the right kind of entrepreneurs plays a key role.


In autumn 2013 Taaleri Door Fund acquired a majority share in Mattiovi Ltd, which was founded in 1911. Mattiovi is Finland’s largest producer of interior doors; a modern company with a strong focus on production development and a reputation for creating high quality doors for both consumers and the construction industry.

Mattiovi has interior door factories in the municipalities of Laitila and Alavus, as well as a door frame factory in Posio.

Taaleri Door Factory

The Door Factory is an equity fund formed in 2013, which owns about 60% of Mattiovi Ltd shares. The rest of the shares are held by the company management and Taaleri Investments Ltd.

The fund is closed and no longer accepts new investors.


In January 2016, Taaleri Telakka, together with Finnish Industry Investment Ltd and Finda Oy, made a capital investment in Rauma Marine Construction Oy (RMC), the company operating the Rauma shipyard. RMC plans and implements shipbuilding projects applying a network-based operating model based on long-term strategic partnerships. RMC is responsible for the management, finances and quality control of these shipbuilding projects. Its network model, leased facilities and position as a driver at Seaside Industry Park Rauma enable it to be competitive at a low general cost level.

Taaleri Telakka

A limited partnership established in 2016, Taaleri Telakka holds approximately 21.4% of all shares in RMC. Taaleri Investment Ltd has also invested in RMC through Taaleri Telakka. The remaining shares are under Finnish holding.

The object is closed and no longer accepts new investors.


FinnFleet invests in international shipping together with the world's largest shipping companies. The company's mission is to follow this cyclical market and enter into time charter agreements on ships based on its analyses. Through time charter agreements, the company typically acquires a cargo ship for one to three years against a fixed daily charge. If the prices of cargo develop positively, this difference produces profit, and vice versa. This Finnish-driven company has operated following its current business model since 2013 with excellent results, and its owners have decades of experience in shipping.

Taaleri Maritime

Taaleri Maritime is a limited partnership established in 2016 that invests its assets in the company founded together with FinnFleet, financing its business operations. Taaleri Investment Ltd has also invested in the project through Taaleri Maritime.

The object is closed and no longer accepts new investors.