A strong team spirit and pride in our work have always characterised our culture.

We combine capital with talent, expertise, entrepreneurship, and a bold sense of purpose. Our team has a proven track record of turning opportunities into successful investments.

There are currently about 120 Taaleri employees. We have plenty of deep knowledge and expertise in the energy sector, jurisprudence, and real estate business, to name a few. We have plenty of people with an education background in business, but also engineering expertise is growing. Right now, responsibility and impact are important themes for us and we want to develop in them.

Every year we convene a few times for Taaleri’s Tehdaspäivä days to share information with each other, to hear about the progress of different projects, and to further specify our common strategy. Getting together with each other is important – whether it happens at Tehdaspäivä days, at meetings, or at shared extracurricular events. Our team has a high number of people engaging in different sports, but we also have shared hobbies: yoga, golf, horseback riding, going to theatres – or whatever suggestion someone comes up with. 

Our values have always given us the important framework for performing the work. We are guided by customer understanding, mutual respect, entrepreneurship and ethicalness. Please take a look at our values in more detail.

Meet people from Taaleri

Jenny-Li Holmström

Jenny-Li Holmström

My goal has always been to focus my career on creating as much positive impact as possible in the world we live in. For me, this has meant promoting renewable energy. When Taaleri recruited me in 2014, it had never occurred to me that there could be room for a realistic idealist like me in the financial industry. I am happy to say I was wrong. At Taaleri I've had great opportunities to develop my career according to my own interests and ambition. I have been a Lawyer, Head of Risk Management, Head of ESG, I’ve set up new private equity funds, made international deals, debated on TV and in March 2021 I returned from 10 months of maternity leave. I especially enjoy how there always is room to implement good ideas and all topics can be debated, without hierarchy. Working hard feels good when you are doing so alongside professional and good hearted teammates, towards a common goal.

Maija Seppälä

Maija Seppälä

I have worked at Taaleri as part of the private equity funds’ real estate team since the beginning of 2017. My job duties include financial modelling of our residential and real estate funds and investment targets, various transaction processes and management of our collaboration partners. My job is a diverse combination of different areas of the real estate sector and the world of private equity funds. It’s great how the expertise and self-governance of the employees is trusted: I am responsible for my own job duties and for scheduling them in the way I see as best. In fact, Taaleri’s self-governance culture has given me the opportunity to develop and learn – not only substance learning, but also about decision-making and taking responsibility.

Join the Taaleri team

We are looking for talented people who are passionate about their work, get things done, are committed to shared goals, and have a first-class service attitude towards clients and co-workers. Are you interested in joining our team?

The job openings currently available are listed below. If you are interested in a position, please send us your application along with your CV.

Job Title City Country Application Deadline
ESG Data Analyst Helsinki Finland 2/13/22

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Merja Kouznetsov

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