Taaleri is serious about RESPONSIBILITY

At Taaleri, responsibility is at the core of all operations. For us, responsibility is not just about our investment principles, but also our duties towards Finnish society as a whole. Take a seat and find out more about responsible investing and the projects in which we are involved.


To us at Taaleri, responsible investing means taking into account societal and environmental factors as well as good governance in all our investment operations. We give our customers the chance to invest either all their assets or a part of their portfolio responsibly. What’s more, we want to proactively communicate how the investment options we offer can affect society or the environment.

Taaleri has signed the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI), which means we are formally committed to conducting our investment operations taking Environment, Society and Governance (ESG) impacts into account.


FIBS – Finnish Business & Society is a non-profit corporate responsibility network, which aims to promote financially, socially and ecologically sustainable businesses in Finland.

FINSIF – Finland’s Sustainable Investment Forum promotes responsible investment, which takes into account environmental, societal and good governance related factors when making asset management and investment decisions.


Taaleri is committed to act upon the following principles of responsible investing:

• While analysing and choosing investment options we consider environmental, societal and good governance factors as part of the investment process.

• We aim to be an active owner who regularly brings environmental, societal and good governance factors to the discussion table.

• We demand information about the environmental and societal impacts as well as good governance practices of each company and venture in which we invest.

• We drive the adoption of responsible investment principles in our entire industry.

• In co-operation with our industry peers, we push for the practical implementation of responsible investment principles.

• We proactively report on how we uphold and encourage adherence to these principles.

Taaleri’s principal duty is to manage our customers’ wealth in order to reach their investment goals. The UNPRI principles support us in this aim.


Helping Nobot stop youth marginalisation

Youth marginalisation is a serious problem, which has a significant multiplier impact on society. The economic consequences are enormous, too: it’s been calculated that the marginalisation of a single young person costs society about one million euro. Public initiatives appear to be working too slowly, if at all. We at Taaleri admire the exceptional civil courage of Nobot. Eager to make a difference, the company is providing young people not just with work, but, even more importantly, a sense of influence and involvement – what better way to prevent marginalisation! Taaleri has invested 50 000 euro into Nobot in order to help the company make a successful start.

Read more: www.nobot.fi