Permanent change is made with sustainable business.

We want to minimize and manage the negative effects on the environment, society and the individual, and we promote sustainable development. We operate responsibly and ethically, and adhere to good governance and the principles of responsible investing in all our operations. 

Corporate Responsibility Policy

Responsible Taaleri

We create a sustainable future

Impact is the spearhead of Taaleri’s corporate responsibility. We actively pursue profitable projects that build a sustainable future.


We impact with expertise and passion

We offer our employees a growth platform to develop and an opportunity to be profiled as an influencer in society.

Career at Taaleri

We build solid trust

Compliance is the solid foundation of Taaleri’s operations. We integrate responsibility and risk management with business in an expedient manner.


Together with our customers and partners, we implement economically profitable projects that have a positive impact on the environment and the society. We want to be a pioneer in impact and ESG investing. By impact investing we pursue good financial returns and promote solutions to responsibility and sustainability issues the world is facing.

We take into account opportunities and impacts related to both finance and sustainability. We look at the sustainability risks of our operations and the ESG factors, ie responsibility aspects related to the environment, society and governance. We believe that investment activities have significant potential to generate economic value while guiding the market towards a more sustainable future.


We create a sustainable future. We impact with expertise and passion. We build solid trust.

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Responsible investing

We want to be a pioneers in impact and ESG investing. We believe that investment activities can generate economic value and at the same time steer the market towards a more sustainable future.

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At Taaleri we seize the broad variety investment opportunities that for example renewable energy offers. We believe that financial profitability is the most effective way to steer capital to the best environmental solutions.

Memberships and Commitments

Taaleri observes among others the guidelines of UNPRI and FINSIF principles for responsible investment. In addition, we are also for example committed to the  Net Zero Asset Managers (NZAM) initiative.

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Code of Conduct

Taaleri’s Code of Conduct guides the everyday work. The company constantly trains its personnel.

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Contact Information, Corporate Responsibility

Siri Markula

Siri Markula

Head of Communications and Investor Relations
+358 40 743 2177
Karoliina  Laine

Karoliina Laine

ESG Manager (on Maternity Leave)
+358 50 595 6076