Taaleri Energia Projects

Together with our customers we want to develop the capital market and make ownership truly valuable and a point of pride. As a growth enterprise, our goal is to grow with our ever increasing number of customers, even beyond Finland’s borders. Having completed three large wind power funds in Finland we are one of the biggest players in this field. Come and join us - ownership is for everyone.

Taaleri's wind projects

Taaleri’s first wind energy fund installed 36 Nordex N117 2.4 MW wind turbines during years 2013 and 2014. Nordex N117 cold climate version turbines were installed with 120 meter steel towers. This turbine was selected as a ”turbine of the year” in 2013. These turbines were installed to projects Honkajoki, Nyby and Myllykangas.

Then construction continued with Taaleri’s second wind energy fund by installing 13 Vestas V126 3.3 MW turbines to projects Pajukoski – Ylivieska and Kytölä-Alavieska. These turbines were equipped with the highest tower option available – 137 meters.

The fund continued installing Nordex’s new Delta generation wind turbines to projects Myllykangas II-Iin Koonikallio-Kankaanpää, Kantti-Karvia, Perho-Limakko, Kivivaara-Peuravaara-Suomussalmi and Tolpanvaara. All these projects are and will be installed with Nordex N131 3.0 MW cold climate version turbines with an impressing 144 meter hub height. In Kivivaara-Peuravaara and Tolpanvaara due to severe icing conditions the turbines are equipped with the industry leading anti-icing system.

Key facts

Turbines installed or under construction

130 WTGs

Total installed or under construction capacity

371,7 MW

Concrete poured

85 000 m3

Wind capture area in total

155 hectares