Renewable energy at Taaleri

Taaleri's energy business segment invests in and develops energy infrastructure projects on an international level. Taaleri has in-depth expertise in managing the development, delivery and financing of solar and wind power projects.

Involved throughout the life cycle

Taaleri actively identifies and pursues new investment opportunities. Our operations are based on a life cycle approach where we take projects and assets right from early site identification, through development and construction to decommissioning at end of their operational lives.

Through Taaleri Private Equity Funds, our customers can invest in energy infrastructure assets at any stage of the asset life cycle. Our funds typically invest in a project either during the construction phase or alternatively they invest in fully operational assets.

A global investment opportunity

Taaleri Energia operates globally with a wide range of potential large scale investments while diversifying the risk profile of each investment. Target geographies have been chosen based on a rigorous analysis of the local market dynamics and our ability to generate value in the market. We focus primarily on wind and solar power while actively evaluating more conventional energy infrastructure assets, as well as electricity distribution networks.

Ownership is for everyone

Taaleri Private Equity Funds create new and attractive investment opportunities for our customers in the alternative assets class. The projects to be financed are typically physical infrastructure assets with predictable and stable long-term returns.

Established track record

We founded Taaleri Energia business segment in 2016 to take advantage of the vast number of opportunities in renewable energy across the globe. We aim to focus our energy project management and technical know-how into a single business unit, capable of providing an efficient and resourceful way for our customers to invest in energy infrastructure projects both domestically and internationally.

Taaleri currently manages a 600 MEUR wind power portfolio. The biogas investments were successfully exited in 2016.

Technical competence - a key differentiator

Taaleri Energia’s competence in project management and technical asset management sets us apart from the other players in the field. We have, for example, in-depth technical competence in building and operating wind turbines in arctic climates.

Taaleri Energia is currently developing, constructing and operating Taaleri Private Equity Funds’ 370 MW wind power portfolio across Finland. This expertise will also be harnessed in finding and assessing new potential investment opportunities.

A strong partner network

Taaleri Energia works closely with its professional and international network of partners. These partners range from project developers to equipment suppliers and from utilities to financial investors. We have joined forces with partners that complement our strengths and share our approach on creating value through in-depth expertise.

Taaleri Energia is part of Taaleri Group, whose parent company Taaleri Plc is listed on the stock exchange list maintained by Nasdaq Helsinki. At the end of 2017, Taaleri had EUR 5,6 billion of administered funds. The operations of Taaleri are monitored by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.