Investor Calendar

Taaleri Plc's financial reporting timetable 

All times are local (UTC+2)


16 Jan 2018 Silent period begins.
31 Jan 2018 The date by which a shareholder must notify the company's board of directors of an issue that he or she demands to be addressed at the general meeting.
15 Feb 2018
at 8.30
The 2017 financial statements bulletin and the July–December 2017 half year financial report will be released
Week 9,
26 Feb 2018
The annual report and the 2017 financial statements will be released
21 Mar 2018 Annual General Meeting in Helsinki
8 May 2018 Sijoitusmessut, Tampere
17 Jul 2018 Silent period begins.
16 Aug 2018
at 8.30
The January–June 2018 half year financial report will be released
22-23 Nov 2018 Sijoitus Invest, Helsinki

Silent period

Taaleri observes a silent period before the publication of results. During the silent period, the company does not comment on the company’s business operations with respect to the current or previous unpublished six-month period. The silent period begins 30 days before the date of publication of the result.