CEO’s statement

Taaleri is a growing and entrepreneur-led finance house with a passion to promote Finnish capital markets and Finnish ownership. With our actions and services, we want to turn assets into active money. High quality innovative ideas, hard-working capital and accountable ownership drive economic growth, which in turn fuels the job market.

As a financial services firm, we are particularly interested in the strong growth of direct financing and digitalisation. We offer securities-based investment services and we also make investments ourselves. In the future we’ll also create new investment products for our customers in the field of loan guarantees. This is why we acquired Garantia Insurance Company as part of our group back in 2014. Garantia is opening up significant new business opportunities, it has strengthened the bottom line of the group as a whole and is bringing us a deep understanding of corporate research and risk management.

Acquiring a share in Fellow Finance, which facilitates online peer-to-peer lending, was a new and important initiative for Taaleri in 2015 allowing us to benefit from the growth of direct financing. We believe the company has significant potential for international expansion, even in the short term. Another key goal of our co-operation is to offer Taaleri customers the chance to invest in this new asset class.

We at Taaleri stand out from our industry peers, not only because of our excellent service but also because of our private equity funds. They allow us to open up a new world of investment opportunities for our customers, while helping strengthen Finnish society and generate employment. Through our funds we are involved with renewable energy, forestry and real estate developments across Finland. In addition, we participate in fixed-term projects via various financing arrangements. Our private equity fund that focuses on the emerging real estate markets of East Africa, from our local office in Nairobi, is a great example of our forward-thinking attitude.

However, the real strength of our company is based on our customers. Together with our customers we discover different market opportunities, and we work hard to maintain this mutual trust. Our customers and stakeholders have given us extraordinary ideas. Side by side with our 180 passionate professionals, they are making our shared journey happen every day. Our work makes a difference and our strong growth continues.

At Taaleri we have organised our business into two segments: wealth management and financing. The goal of the Taaleri Group is to remain a growth company, to expand from wealth management to financing, to significantly enlarge our customer base, and to internationalise in stages.

We welcome you to own with our help, own with us, and own a part of us!