Future outlook

Estimate of likely future development

Guidance given on 28 february 2017

The company’s management thinks that the business environment has become more demanding, but that the company has an opportunity to win market share in capital markets. The development of the Wealth Management segment has been positive, particularly in the latter half of the year, and the company has gained new customers in a competitive market, thanks to successful and varied private equity fund projects. The development of the Financing segment has been positive, both in relation to premiums written and claims incurred. The company believes that through active sales and high-level risk management, significant growth can be achieved. It is expected that the Group’s expansion into the energy sector will significantly increase the assets managed by the company’s private equity funds in the long term.

Taaleri’s Board of Directors confirms at least 20 percent of income as the new target for operating profit. Financial targets related to growth are growth of more than 15 percent per annum in assets under management for the Wealth Management segment and growth of more than 15 percent per annum in gross premiums written for the Financing segment. Taaleri’s target for return on equity over a long period is more than 15 percent and equity ratio is at least 30 percent. In addition to these, the company is endeavouring to increase the amount of dividend it distributes, and annually to distribute a competitive dividend, taking into account the company’s financial and financing situation and the capital adequacy requirements.