Responsible Investing

Investing means taking responsibility

Responsible investing has traditionally not been a major talking point in the investment services sector. Our products are abstract – largely thought of as bits in the digital space or professional advisory services by information experts. We believe, however, that investing could assume a considerably more important role when it comes to taking social responsibility. The more investors are aware of an investment asset’s Environment, Society and Corporate Governance (ESG) impacts, the more they can consider these in their investment decisions.

Taaleri’s operations are guided by the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI).

Responsible business through self-regulation

Besides financial aspects, a responsible business also takes into account its stakeholders, from customers to employees, suppliers and business partners, financiers, owners and society at large. It aspires to transparency and comprehensive diversity in its operational reporting.

The desire for self-regulation is fundamental for a responsible company. Such a company does not cause damage or suffering with its operations, but instead takes responsibility for the potential negative impacts of its products, services or production processes, while proactively striving to reduce them. Sometimes it may be hard to conduct business without any adverse effect on people, society or environment at any time. A responsible company, however, will always aim to limit the negative impacts of its operations to a minimum.

Taaleri aims to promote responsible investing

At Taaleri, responsible investing means taking into account societal and environmental factors as well as good governance in all our investment operations. We give our customers the chance to invest either all their assets or a part of their portfolio responsibly. What’s more, we want to proactively communicate how the investment options we offer can affect society or the environment. In our own work, for instance, we encourage our equity fund partners to consider social responsibility.

Taaleri has signed the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI).

Having signed these UN specified principles, we are officially committed to conduct our investment operations with their impacts on Environment, Society and Governance (ESG) in mind.