Taaleri has had two bond programmes. Materials for Taaleri Plc's share issues and bonds are only available in Finnish.

Bonds guaranteed by Garantia are presented at Garantia website.

Garantia credit rating

Garantia Credit Rating

No changes took place in Garantia’s credit rating or its outlook during January-June 2020. Standard & Poor's Global Ratings Europe Limited (S&P) confirmed on 14 October 2020 Garantia Insurance Company Ltd.’s Financial Strength Rating (FSR) and the Financial Enhancement Rating (FER) reflecting the company’s solvency and willingness to meet its financial commitments as A- with a stable outlook rating.

Year Rating
2020 A-, stable outlook
2019 A-, stable outlook
2018 A-, stable outlook
2017 A-, stable outlook
2016 A-, weak outlook
2015 A-, weak outlook