Ownership is for everyone

Ownership creates work, growth and prosperity, and it is an investment in Finland. We think that ownership is for everyone. Become an owner with our help, join us in ownership or become one of our owners. 

With our help, you can invest in various mutual and private equity funds. Our mutual funds have been highly successful. Most of our funds ranked in top three in their comparison group and, in 2016, 80 per cent of them yielded a better result than their comparison index. Through our private equity funds, we participate in various projects that build the Finnish society, create jobs and promote the national economy. 

Join us in investing in various co-investment projects. Co-investment is a concrete form of ownership where we join forces with our customers to invest directly in individual, unlisted companies or various long-term projects.

You can also become one of our owners. Taaleri is a Finnish financial group listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange offering wealth management and financing. As of 1 April 2016, its parent company Taaleri Plc has been listed on Nasdaq Helsinki's main market. 

Our goal is to help everyone see the benefits of ownership and to find their own unique way of owning. Increasing comprehensive ownership value means growing the value of our customer’s assets and adding to the value of the shareholder’s investments, and dividend. This is what we work for every day. 

We combine equity, ideas and entrepreneurship with the goal of developing the Finnish equity market together with our customers.