The world is full of opportunities. What someone else sees as a wilderness, jungle or forest, we see as an opportunity for ownership.

Ownership involves action, insight and emotion Ownership is fun and sometimes surprising, just like life. In any case, ownership enriches life.

Ownership creates work, growth and prosperity, and is an investment in Finland. We believe ownership is for everyone. You can own with our help, own with us, or even own a part of us.

We want to help all Finns see the advantages of ownership and find their own way to own. That is what we work towards, every day. It is our life.

Come and join us – ownership is for everyone.

We combine entrepreneurship, ideas and capital

Taaleri Investments Ltd makes selected investments (mainly minority investments) in unlisted Finnish companies, which are aiming to grow through long term, sustainable ownership. The investments in unlisted companies comprise two important parts:

  1. Strategic investments into companies that benefit the business of Taaleri Group.
  2. Long-term minority investments that create value through ownership.