Ownership is for everyone

Better wealth management

At Taaleri, personal wealth managers accompany customers and help them find a way of owning that suits them.

A personal wealth manager works together with various experts to prepare a unique investment strategy for each customer – in other words, the ideal form of ownership. The strategy is based on the customer’s unique goals and the acceptable risk level.

With the solutions offered by Taaleri, it is possible to realise many different alternatives for each combination of risk and return. We select just the right ownership package for each one of our customers.

Discretionary and consultative wealth management

Customer assets can be managed either through a discretionary or a consultative agreement. In discretionary wealth management, the customer grants us full authority to make investment decisions within the agreed upon framework. In consultative wealth management, we discuss the investment decisions with the customer, who then issues assignments to implement the desired decision. As part of the wealth management arrangements, we also go through tax-related matters with the customer:  personal taxation, tax planning for the family and business, as well as estate planning and inheritance tax planning.

Customer relationship with Taaleri

We help our customers build an investment strategy that suits their objectives, we select suitable products for it and manage the trading of all asset types. We always evaluate our success from the customer’s perspective; how an investment package comprising different products has succeeded in relation to the customer’s investment objectives.

Customer needs are at the core of our continuous innovation and product development efforts. The solutions are implemented as discretionary investment strategies or through funds. With us and with our help, our customers can also invest in projects and businesses largely unavailable to private investors until now. 

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