Global Fixed

Global Fixed Income

Taaleri Global Fixed Income is an active and diversified fund investing in global fixed income markets, with the objective of higher risk-adjusted returns than the broader market.

Global Fixed Income is suitable as a standalone solution for or the core fixed income investment in your portfolio. The portfolio’s credit qualitity, duration, currency and geographical weightings are based on Taaleri’s investment view. The investments are mainly done through ETFs and mutual funds, which can be either actively or passively managed.

The fund has three share classes

share class growth/distribution initial investment additional investment
Global Fixed Income A growth 100 100
Global Fixed Income T distribution 100 100


Portfolio Managers

Kai Leppelmeier

Kai Leppelmeier

Portfolio Manager
Portfolio Management
+358 45 7734 9442
Lassi Järvinen

Lassi Järvinen

Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income
Portfolio Management
+358 50 376 2434