Taaleri Courageous Owner



Taaleri Courageous Owner Fund

Taaleri Courageous Owner is prepared to take risks in order to achieve higher returns. Taaleri Courageous Owner suits investors who can tolerate uncertainty in order to gain more.

The modern and systematic investment strategy of the fund increases the expected return and ensures that asset allocation is always aligned with the target risk profile. The ability to produce a positive return, regardless of whether interest rates will rise or stay abnormally low for the foreseeable future, is a precondition for every investment asset chosen for the fund.

We get substantial diversification benefits from private equity funds. The objective is that the fund is continuously composed of 10 to 20 percent of Taaleri’s private equity funds. The private equity position is built carefully when there are suitable targets on offer. During the ‘building’ process, the share of private equity funds can deviate significantly from target weights.

Portfolio Manager

Samu Lang

Samu Lang

+358 50 422 6334