Taaleri Moderate Owner



Taaleri Moderate Owner Fund

With our Owner funds, you get a widely diversified portfolio structured based on Taaleri’s investment insight. We diversify your assets globally, making versatile use of various asset types. Investments in the Owner funds are made by utilising Taaleri’s own and our partners’ investment solutions. 

In addition to equity and fixed income investments, the Owner funds make extensive use of so-called alternative asset types, which include various real estate investments, infrastructure investments (such as wind and solar power) and investments in the bonds and shares of unlisted companies. Alternative asset types may total up to 40% of the assets of the Owner funds.

The Owner funds offer three risk tiers: Cautious, Moderate, and Courageous. The Cautious option aims at steady returns by empahasizing cash flow rich investments and capital preservation, where Courageous aims at high yield high returns by weighting equity -type risk and growth potential. Moderate falls between the other two funds in terms of expected return and risk. 

The fund has two share classes:

share class distribution/Growth initial investment additional investment
Moderate Owner A growth 100 100
Moderate Owner T distribution 100 100


Portfolio Manager

Samu Lang

Samu Lang

+358 50 422 6334