Globally diversified alternative investments in one fund

Taaleri Alternatives is a fund of funds that invests in the broad alternatives asset class globally through. The fund makes its investments based on Taaleri’s view.

Through the fund, investors can benefit from the alternatives asset class without having to commit for long holding periods. The fund operates as a fund of funds structure and therefore invests in multiple projects and companies around the world through its use of third party fund products. The fund is redeemable twice a year. 

A proper diversification into the alternatives asset class requires a large amount of capital. Taaleri Alternatives –fund gives investors the chance to diversify into this asset class with only a fraction of what would otherwise be needed. 

The fund has three share classes:

  distribution/growth initial investment additional investment
Taaleri Altervatives A growth 100 € 100 €
Taaleri Alternatives T distribution 100 € 100 €
Taaleri Alternatives E growth 500 000 € 10 000 €


Portfolio Managers

Niko Fagernäs

Niko Fagernäs

+358 44 9818 644

Lassi Järvinen

Lassi Järvinen

+358 50 376 2434