Taaleri Emerging


Emerging Markets Fund

The new and even better Taaleri Emerging Markets Equity Fund combines Taaleri’s expertise in Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) and value investing. The fund’s investments are broadly diversified across emerging markets via Exchange Traded Funds. The investments focus on markets with particularly low fluctuation and movements that differ from those of other markets. To complement this core, the portfolio has a high yield component, such as a direct security selection that qualifies as an excellent value investment.

The fund has three share classes:

share class growth/distribution initial investment additional investment
Emerging Markets A growth 10000 1000
Emerging Markets C growth 100 100
Emerging Markets T distribution 10000 1000


Portfolio Managers

Visa Manninen

Visa Manninen

Portfolio Manager

+358 50 354 4398

Vilhelm Sandström

Vilhelm Sandström

Portfolio Analyst

+358 50 562 4393