Taaleri Finland


Finland Value Equity Fund

The value investor buys undervalued companies on the basis of good, steady profits, reliable management or a low level of debt. Taaleri Finland Value is a unique investment solution focused on value investments. It provides an opportunity to invest in Finnish value companies that combine good and steady profits with professional management and a simple, clear business model. Taaleri Finland Value is an easy way to invest in Finland in the long term.

The fund has three share classes:

share class growth/distribution initial investment additional investment
Finland Value A growth 10000 1000
Finland Value C growth 100 100
Finland Value T distribution 10000 1000


Portfolio Managers

Mika Heikkilä

Mika Heikkilä

Head of Equities

+358 50 554 3866

Olli Viitikko

Olli Viitikko

Portfolio Manager

+358 40 450 3741