Taaleri Finland


Finland Value Equity Fund

Taaleri Finland Value is a unique value-oriented equity fund that focuses on Finnish value companies which have low or modest valuation multiples, capable management and simple and understandable business model. The fund’s investment process is based on academic research papers which have proven that value investing outperforms the market over a long period of time. Taaleri Finland Value’s lead Portfolio Manager is Mika Heikkilä who might be the most recognized portfolio manager who has successfully managed several  value-oriented long-only equity funds since 1999. 

Seize the opportunity to buy cheaply and sell dearly in Finland! 

The fund has two share classes:

share class growth/distribution initial investment additional investment
Finland Value A growth 100 100
Finland Value T distribution 100 100


Portfolio Managers

Mika Heikkilä

Mika Heikkilä

+358 50 554 3866

Olli Viitikko

Olli Viitikko

+358 40 450 3741