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Eastern Europe Value Fund

Taaleri’s expertise on Eastern Europe is exemplified in the Eastern Europe Value Fund. We focus our investments on Russia, Turkey and Poland, three highly different markets, bringing notable diversification benefits to the investor. For example, fluctuations in the price of energy have the opposite effect on Russian and Turkish economies. We actively adjust the country weighting of the fund, favouring growing domestic market companies and medium-sized companies.

The fund has three share classes:

share class growth/distribution initial investment additional investment
Eastern Europe A growth 10000 1000
Eastern Europe C growth 100 100
Eastern Europe T distribution 10000 1000


Portfolio Managers

Visa Manninen

Visa Manninen

Portfolio Manager

+358 50 354 4398

Vilhelm Sandström

Vilhelm Sandström

Portfolio Analyst

+358 50 562 4393