Taaleri Higher Yields

A high yielding fixed income investment fund

Taaleri Higher Yields invests in subordinated bonds and high yield senior bonds issued financial and non-financial companies with the aim of an annual return between 5 and 8 percent. The fund invests mainly in euro-denominated bonds issued by European companies. The fund is very active in the Finnish and Nordic primary markets for high yield bonds.

Taaleri Higher Yields is suitable for investors looking for additional returns and is willing to accept higher volatility of returns compared to the other Taaleri fixed income funds, i.e. Fixed Income Allocation, Short Bond, and Cash.

The fund has three share classes:

share class growth/distribution initial investment additional investment
Higher Yields A growth 10000 1000
Higher Yields C growth 100 100
Higher Yields T distribution 10000 1000


Portfolio Managers

Heikki Nystedt

Heikki Nystedt

Head of Fixed Income

+358 40 724 9226

Kai Leppelmeier

Kai Leppelmeier

Portfolio Manager

+358 45 7734 9442