Taaleri Rhein Value


Rhein Value Equity Fund

Taaleri Rhein Value gives you the chance to invest in world leading companies, while adhering to the principles of value investing. Value investing means identifying and investing in competitively valued companies, and selling up once the company’s value has risen sufficiently. Taaleri Rhein Value invests in German-speaking Europe. The majority of the fund’s capital is invested in companies benefiting from long-term positive trends, such as healthcare and travel.

Seize the opportunity to buy cheaply and sell dearly in German-speaking Europe!

The fund has two share classes:

share class distribution/Growth initial investment additional investment
Rhein Value A growth 10000 1000
Rhein Value C growth 100 100


Portfolio Managers

Jonas Koivula

Jonas Koivula

+358 50 500 4191

Olli Viitikko

Olli Viitikko

+358 40 450 3741