We at Taaleri understand the specific needs of institutional investors, and we take great care in understanding the circumstances of each and every one of them. Our diverse customer base covers the full scale of institutional investors, from banks to insurance companies, pension companies, foundations, municipalities, cities, and religious congregations. We already manage approximately two billion euro worth of institutional investors’ assets, and we are constantly growing.

Our customers value our tailored service and our extensive experience. Our investment directors and portfolio managers have an average of twenty years' experience of investment markets and serving investors. We at Taaleri have both the skills and drive needed to discover ever more interesting opportunities for greater returns.

Investment Directors
Jouko Kantola
Director, Intitutional Wealth Management
+358 50 549 5596
Olli Eklund
Investment Director
+358 50 549 5588
Jaana Koskelainen
Investment Director
+358 40 557 6677
Vesa Lehto
Investment Director
+358 50 584 1984
Michael Sandvall
Investment Director
+358 50 552 2950
Jari Tuomisto
Investment Director
+358 50 549 4997