Private Equity Funds

To our customers, private equity investments can be likened to permanent ownership: they are more concrete and involve more emotional attachment than traditional investments.

Through our private equity funds, our customers can invest in projects and businesses largely unavailable to private investors until now. Our funds invest in forest, properties, renewable energy and other diverse business operations.

Through our private equity funds, we participate in various projects that build the Finnish society, create jobs and promote the national economy.

We are the second largest wind power operator in Finland and have already invested about €1.3 billion in the development of Finnish society. So far, our wind power funds have built a total of 108 turbines in Finland, with an energy output of 305 MW.

We are challenging the traditional operating models in the field and boldly seizing the diverse emergent investment opportunities to develop new unique methods of ownership. With us and with our help, you can also invest in unlisted Finnish companies, where the aim is to increase company value through long-term ownership.

We feel that ownership is for everyone. Come join us!