Aurinkotuuli Fund invests in renewable energy

Taaleri’s Aurinkotuuli Fund is the first private equity fund in Finland to invest internationally in renewable energy. Aurinkotuuli is Finnish for solar wind and, accordingly, the fund is focused on investments in solar and wind power projects. As an investor in the fund you can combine your financial goals with the benefits of renewable energy.

The establishment of the Aurinkotuuli Fund is Taaleri’s response to the ongoing radical changes on global energy market.

Aurinkotuuli is the first capital fund in Finland to invest internationally in renewable energy. The fund is a mechanism for our investors to participate in attaining the goals of the Paris climate agreement, a tool for  sustainable development and an opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint.

Aurinkotuuli seeks a long-term, steady and predictable return on the invested capital. The fund invests in projects under construction and in plants already in production, primarily those producing solar energy and wind power. The fund’s mandate covers the EU, the OECD, Eastern Europe, India, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and Turkey.

The fund is closed and no longer accepts new investors. 


Why invest in renewable energy?

Renewable energy is a global opportunity

The Paris Climate Change Conference held in November–December 2015 will most probably be remembered as a key event in slowing down climate change. An agreement was concluded in Paris on curbing carbon dioxide emissions so that global warming would be limited to 1.5 degrees compared to the pre-industrial era. This can be considered the strongest possible international expression of will to limit carbon dioxide emissions.

In parallel with reaching the political consensus, the technology for producing emission-free energy has been advancing in quantum leaps. The fact that renewable energy has become competitive when compared with conventional forms of energy production will for its part allow adherence to the commitments of the Paris agreement. That is why the production capacity of both solar and wind power is expected to grow phenomenally by the end of 2020. India, for example, has set a target to build 100 GW of new solar energy production capacity by the end of 2022.

Hence, the breakthrough of renewable energy provides the Taaleri Group and its customers with a significant commercial opportunity.

Taaleri knows its renewable energy business

Taaleri’s wind power projects have been a tremendous success, and the company is one of the pioneers in this field in Finland. The success of Taaleri's capital funds is based on strong financial and technical expertise at all stages of the development project, including the operation of completed wind farms. This sets Taaleri apart from other purely financial actors.

Furthermore, Taaleri has special expertise in international solar energy projects, both in developed economies and, particularly, in developing economies. Taaleri is working actively in international energy markets, seeking attractive investments in renewable energy for its customers.

Taaleri has an extensive network of international partners

Taaleri works in close cooperation with its professional and international partner network. Its partner network includes project developers, equipment suppliers, energy companies and capital investors. Taaleri has selected partners who supplement its strengths and share its principles regarding creation of value through in-depth financial and technical expertise.

In connection with international renewable energy projects, Taaleri has concluded the first cooperation agreements with Wärtsilä and ABB. Cooperation with Wärtsilä is closely connected with the growth of Wärtsilä’s solar and hybrid production business. Wärtsilä has experience in the turnkey deliveries of energy plants in more than 170 countries. ABB is one of the world’s leading suppliers of equipment and partial solutions for solar energy production plants. Solar energy is a strongly growing business for ABB, conducted from Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki.