Taaleri Geo Fund I

For a long time now, we have been investing in renewable-energy projects in Finland and globally.  Taaleri Geo Fund I invests in geothermal energy in Germany.

Taaleri Geo Fund I (Taaleri Georahasto I Ky) is an alternative fund managed by Taaleri Private Equity Funds Ltd. The fund invests in geothermal-energy production plants when they reach the construction stage or while they are in the construction stage. The fund does not invest in development projects. The fund may invest in ventures producing electricity and heat.

The fund's expected income is based on the income generated from the sale of electricity. The German State pays geothermal electricity production a fixed-price compensation for 20 years.  The investment entails a risk of the success of drilling and of energy production.

Making use of geothermal energy

Geothermal energy is a stable energy source independent of the calendar and weather conditions. The technology used to utilise it has developed significantly in recent years through experience gleaned from oil drilling, for example.

Geothermal energy is made use of by drilling holes 2–6 km deep into the porous limestone deposit of the earth's crust in Germany. Hot water heated by the earth is pumped up from the wells drilled. The hot water can be fed directly into the district heating network, or into an electrical turbine. The cooled water is fed through other wells back underground to reheat.

With current knowledge and technology, only 6–7 per cent of the global geothermal potential has been harnessed.

The fund is closed and no longer accepts new investors. 

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