Housing Funds


Taaleri’s Housing Funds have helped ease the chronic shortage of rental homes, a particular problem in the capital region. At the same time, we have invested Finnish capital in Finland and also promoted employment in the local construction industry

One in every four Finns lives in rented accommodation. The demand for rental homes is particularly strong for small apartments because 85% of Finnish people in rented homes live alone or in two-person households. There is a chronic shortage of small rental apartments in the capital region.

Stable yield and a good way to diversify

As the number of alternative investments decreases and general market risk increases, real estate properties will continue to produce a steady, long-term return. Falling interest rates, diversification of financing sources and the concrete nature of real estate assets also increase the attractiveness of the real estate market.

Solid expertise in real estate investments

Taaleri was one of the first asset managers to introduce housing funds to the market and also one of the first to exit from some of them by selling the apartments directly to their new owners, thus exceeding the investors’ expectations. Taaleri’s expertise in housing funds is well-acknowledged. The apartments are developed by the company’s inhouse specialists who focus on providing good-quality housing and in achieving profitable exits for investors.


Housing developed by Taaleri helps alleviate the persistent and severe shortage of rental properties, which has been particularly evident in the Helsinki region. We have built or collaborated in building over a thousand rental apartments in the capital region, as well as in the towns of Rauma and Pori.

Taaleri has exited Housing Funds I, III and V. Housing Funds II, IV and VI are closed and no longer accept new investors.