Rental Home Fund


Established in October 2016, the Taaleri Rental Home Fund diversifies and improves the supply of reasonably-priced housing in Finland’s growing urban centres. The fund is an alternative to existing rental apartment providers operating at market terms. The rents for the apartments owned by the fund are typically in line with the level of rents for supported housing in the respective regions.

The fund provides many Finnish non-profit institutions with a convenient way to invest their assets with moderate risk and return while promoting a solution to an important social issue. Taaleri’s housing fund expertise is combined with the investors’ capital to offer a real solution to the significant housing shortage experienced in many urban areas.

The need for reasonably-priced housing is a long-standing topic of social debate. Expensive housing makes moving to a new locality more difficult, thus weakening the supply of labour in areas where jobs are available. The regional imbalance between supply and demand increases both housing prices and rents. The Taaleri fund challenges construction companies to build inexpensive homes and the towns themselves to provide building plots at reasonable prices

The fund is open for new investments.