Tax planning in wealth management

In our experience, tax planning is one of the central aspects of wealth development. Our tax services include, for example, personal taxation advice, tax planning for your family and company, and, of course, inheritance and gift tax planning.

Together with our customers we establish a clear all-round view of the current circumstances and goals. We do this at no extra charge to customers whose investment capital exceeds 500 000 euro.

We are happy to help you with any tax-related or legal issues, from tax declarations to passing assets on as gifts, corporate acquisitions, business succession planning, preliminary ruling applications, asset protection (such as making a will and assigning a trustee), investment insurance and estate inventory.

In investment insurance we operate as the representative of Swiss Life and Henki-Fennia.

Karin Kandelin
Tax Advisor, Wealth Planning
+358 45 7734 9460
Ville-Matti Lindgren
Tax Advisor, Wealth Planning
+358 44 970 2557
Pasi Nevalainen
Advisor, Wealth Planning
+358 45 7734 9461