Trading and Execution Services

Taaleri Trading and Execution Services manages all Taaleri customers’ securities trading as well as producing market analysis and investment ideas.

The service is available for all Taaleri's customers. Our team is a skilled companion and discussion partner for those who wish to actively follow the markets and get involved in analysis and decision-making.


Our experts will provide you with a clear and up-to-date list of what we at Taaleri consider the best ideas in stocks, fixed income and ETF investments around the globe. We will always follow up each idea with a precise buy and sell recommendation. What’s more, we actively follow and comment on how our ideas develop and keep their historical returns fully transparent.

With us you can trade equities, ETFs, bonds and currencies. Just dial our number (+358 46 714 7115) and gain access to all the world’s relevant marketplaces.

You will have our highly experienced team of five at your service. We take pride in being Finland’s leading experts in the ETF market in which we are a widely recognized trading counterpart internationally, too.

Our market commentary is published every single morning. It showcases and interprets the markets’ most important talking points and themes.


We are fully independent of all banks, banking groups and third party service providers. All our actions are driven by customer benefit. In our market analysis we make the most of our global network which we have carefully selected based on a strict criteria of quality, cost efficiency and risk management.

Jarkko Sirenius
Head of Trading and Execution Services
+358 46 714 7110
Mika Koskimies
Senior Trader
+358 46 714 7115
Berndt-Johan Procopé
Sales Trader
+358 46 714 7120
Jouni Saario
Market Analyst
+358 46 714 7156