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For us, responsibility means making an impact and taking responsibility through our actions. Our goal is to promote sustainability by implementing financially profitable projects with significant social or environmental benefit. We are a front-runner in impact investing.

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From the CEO

2019 was a record year for the stock markets, both in Finland and internationally. The positive market development and the growth in assets under management also supported Taaleri’s success. I want to thank our clients for their trust, and our bankers, portfolio managers and other experts, as well as all of our partners for their outstanding work for the past year. Confidence in the future looks strong.

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Financial performance 2019
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Finland’s best wealth management

The goal of Taaleri Wealth Management’s visionary investment activities is to offer clients financial returns and the opportunity to have a positive environmental and social impact. In September 2019 Taaleri was selected as Finland’s best wealth manager in Arvopaperi business magazine’s survey. The digital wealth management we launched in autumn allows us to create a cost-effective, personalized investment portfolio of index funds for our clients. You can start investing with just 1,000 euros.

Growth in assets under management, %
Assets under management, BEUR

Financially sound and profitable guarantee activities

The guarantee products of Garantia, the non-life insurance company that forms the Financing segment, enable investments, trading and wealth-building. Business responsibility is based particularly on taking into account the needs of the different parties in the housing markets and on securing investments. Our solvency remained strong in 2019, and S&P confirmed our credit rating of A-. During the year we guaranteed a EUR 40 million bond issued by a group of Finnish companies, and we developed a new kind of guarantee product for the changing needs of the rental market.

Insurance portfolio, BEUR
Combined ratio, %


A rental guarantee is a responsible solution

Garantia’s guarantee products create added value in the rental housing market where the trend is to waive security deposits. A rental guarantee makes it possible to rent an apartment without a security deposit, thereby supporting the tenant’s finances and increasing economic equality. The guarantee brings peace of mind to the owner and the renter of the apartment by reducing the financial risk of the investment.

We invest in renewable energy

Taaleri Energia’s goal is to accelerate the global transition to renewable energy forms. Wind power and solar energy are already competitive alternatives on the market. Year 2019 was a significant milestone for Taaleri’s internationalization as the SolarWind II fund, investing in Europe and the United States, was established and wind park projects were launched in Finland, Sweden and Norway. The SolarWind II fund was very well received among institutional investors. The fund will finance about 850 MW of renewable energy generation capacity, which will displace more than one million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually over the life cycle of the plant.

of wind and solar power
Second largest wind power producer in Finland

Key figures in 2019

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Operating profit, MEUR
Operating profit, %
Return on equity, %
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Assets under management, BEUR
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Market capitalization, MEUR
(at the end of 2019)

Highlights in 2019


Finland’s best wealth manager

In a survey conducted by Arvopaperi business magazine, Taaleri had the most satisfied clients in Finland. The company scored above average on all questions.


New kind of guarantee service for Finnish Landlord Association

Securent, part of Taaleri Group, is implementing a guarantee service tailored for members of the Finnish Landlord Association. The guarantee service gives housing investors added security.


Taaleri supports working life and financial management skills of young people

Taaleri is the main partner for Junior Achievement Finland and coaches children and young people in entrepreneurship, working life skills, and financial education.


Financial performance, governance and remuneration

In line with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2020 published by the Securities Market Association and in conjunction with the annual Financial Statements, Taaleri publishes a Corporate Governance Statement and current Remuneration Statement.