Our offices

Taaleri has several offices in Finland, and because we’re always looking forward, we are opening more of them abroad, too. You’ll find contact details for your nearest office below.

Our telephone number is 046 714 7100.


Kasarmikatu 21 B, 4th floor
FI-00130 Helsinki, Finland



Yrjönkatu 1
FI-28100 Pori, Finland






Keskustori 5, 2nd floor
FI-33100 Tampere, Finland



Pakkahuoneenkatu 15 A, 2nd floor

FI-90100 Oulu, Finland



Kauppiaskatu 1, 2nd floor
FI-20100 Turku, Finland


Vesijärvenkatu 20 C, 3rd floor

15140 Lahti, Finland

Wealth management made for you

Taaleri is a wealth manager and an inspiring partner who never towers above the customer. We listen to your wishes, we challenge established practices and help you make the best possible investment decisions. We will inspire you with stories of Finnish ownership, show ownership from a fresh point of view and combine ideas and capital in exciting and innovative ways.

Our highly skilled and energetic team of experts is waiting to craft the story of your ownership. To enrich your life, passionately and without preconceptions.

Find out more about us below.

Our email addresses use the form: firstname.lastname@taaleri.com

Company addresses

Taaleri Plc
Business ID 2234823-5

Kasarmikatu 21 B, 4th floor
FI-00130 Helsinki, Finland

Tel. 046 714 7100
Fax. 09 278 5285


Taaleri Stockbroker Services
Tel. 046 714 7110 or 046 714 7115

Taaleri Wealth Management Ltd
Business ID 2080113-9

Taaleri Private Equity Funds Ltd
Business ID 2264327-7

Taaleri Fund Management Ltd
Business ID 2062840-1

Taaleri Investments Ltd
Business ID 2432616-0

Taaleri Tax Services Ltd
Business ID 2504066-6

Kultataaleri Ltd
Business ID 2436455-4

Kasarmikatu 21 B, 4th floor
FI-00130 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. 046 714 7100


Private Equity Fund Branch Offices

Tapionkatu 4 A 11
FI-40100 Jyväskylä, Finland


Rynnäkkötie 1

FI-86600 Haapavesi, Finland