Taaleri’s strategy focuses on private equity fund business and substantial industrial investments especially in bioindustry.

Taaleri’s goal is to increase its assets under management to EUR 4 billion and the amount of direct industrial investments to at least EUR 100 million by the end of 2026. Taaleri’s vision is to become a leading investment manager operating internationally in bioindustry and renewable energy.

Taaleri’s growth in the bioindustry and renewable energy ecosystems is supported by sustainability-driven megatrends and a strong demand for novel industrial and energy solutions. Through investments in bioindustry, Taaleri utilises renewable and recyclable raw materials to create sustainable products through industrial innovations and technologies. In renewable energy, Taaleri develops utility-scale clean energy solutions.


Strategic priorities for 2024–


Grow within our business areas through both funds under management and direct investments.

  • Growth strengthens our market position, attracts talent and makes us more relevant to our value chain.
  • We make investments in both talent and companies to drive our growth.
  • Our business areas are in different stages of maturity, allowing us to grow profitably.

Make substantial industrial investments and co-operate with industrial partners especially in the bioindustry ecosystem.

  • We want to become a meaningful industrial operator in the rapidly evolving bioindustry ecosystem.
  • We make long-term direct minority or majority investments or co-investments in companies that aim to solve global challenges in a profitable, measurable and impactful way.
  • We create value and opportunities for all our stakeholders by being a frontrunner in the ecosystem.

Expand our investor base outside of Finland and partner with international organisations on investments.

  • We aim to be a leading manager that investors turn to when considering investing in bioindustry or renewables.
  • We strengthen our sales to major institutional clients and international investors both directly and through third-party distributors.

Develop impact and sustainability in all investments throughout their lifecycle.

  • We strive to find and promote solutions to climate and other sustainability challenges with our investments. We emphasise positive impact in our operations.
  • We use credible sustainability criteria and targets. We make our investment decisions based on economic factors, impact potential, sustainability, as well as sustainability risk assessments.

Competitive advantages

Taaleri’s strategy is built on its competitive advantages:

  • End-to-end expertise: The robust expertise of our engineers and financial, legal and sustainability experts spans across the entire lifecycle of our investments and projects.
  • Commercialisation of business ideas: Taaleri’s long experience, networks with industrial partners, know-how and expertise enable us to anticipate the changes taking place in the market and to execute as well as commercialise potential new ideas.
  • Ability to combine ideas with capital: We have extensive experience in executing complex investments. We are able to finance investments through our private equity funds, co-investments or direct investments.

Long-term financial targets

  • Growth: at least 15% in Group’s continuing earnings and performance fees p.a. (revised metric)
  • Return on equity: at least 15% (unchanged) 
  • Dividend: at least 50% payout of the FY profit (unchanged)