Taaleri’s strategy focuses on sustainable development and renewable energy.

The focus of our business was on private equity funds in accordance with EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) that either only make sustainable investments or promote select sustainability factors. The goal of Taaleri’s strategy is to increase Taaleri’s assets under management to over EUR 3 billion in 2023.

Our current business is focused on renewable energy, real estate and bioindustry. Our private equity funds invest in sustainable undertakings, whose lifecycle we manage from development, construction and management to exit. This enables us to ensure sustainable practices over the lifecycle of investments.


Strategic priorities for 2021–2023:


We put impact and renewable energy at the heart of our operations

We are developing and expanding private equity funds that seek not only economic returns but also measurable benefits for the environment and society. We use our funds to create, among other things, wind and solar power, biofuels and real estate.


We seek to scale all our businesses

In our private equity funds, we aim to significantly increase the average size of funds and our assets under management, which will increase continuing earnings and improve the profitability of the funds. At Garantia Insurance Company Ltd, we will continue to promote a strategy based on a scalable business model, risk pooling and an extensive distribution network.


We are expanding the sales and distribution of our private equity funds

We started a strategic partnership with Aktia, which opened a significant distribution channel for our products. We are strengthening our own sales to major institutional clients and international investors. In addition, we are seeking new international distribution channels.


We optimise return on capital and balance sheet usage

We will increase the efficiency of our use of capital and distribute to shareholders the capital that the company does not need for growth investments or to fulfil its targets for solvency.

Pillars of strategy

The implementation of Taaleri’s strategy is supported by our deep expertise and extensive experience in private equity funds focusing on alternative investments. The pillars of our strategy are: 

Diverse offering in impact and renewables: Unique product offering across multiple asset classes

Integrated way of working: Strong track record in connecting capital, ideas, talent and entrepreneurship

End-to-end expertise: Robust capabilities to develop, build, manage and exit investments

Long-term financial targets

Taaleri’s long-term financial targets are:

  • Growth in recurring revenues: at least 15% (unchanged)
  • Operating profit: at least 25% (previously at least 20%)
  • Return on equity: at least 15% (unchanged)

Dividend policy

According to Taaleri’s updated dividend policy, the company’s objective is to distribute to shareholders at least 50 percent of the profit for the financial year, and the capital that the company does not need for growth investments or to fulfil its targets for solvency.