Taaleri’s CEO, CFO and the Head of Investor Relations, Sustainability and Communications are responsible for the company’s investor relations activities.

Taaleri’s aim is to ensure that all parties operating on the market have access, simultaneously and without delay, to consistent, relevant and sufficient information on factors that affect the value of Taaleri’s share. The principles of Taaleri’s investor communication are reliability, accuracy, timeliness, consistency, impartiality and transparency. 

In connection with publishing its financial results, Taaleri always organizes an English-language analyst, investor and media conference, where the company's management presents the results. The conference can be followed as a live webcast online.

Meetings of institutional investors and analysts with management are coordinated by the investor relations function. As needed, the company organizes Capital Market Day and Investor Day events, where the capital market is told about the company's strategy and its advancement.

Taaleri participates in events aimed at private investors in Finland at its discretion. These events include investment fairs and investor events focused on certain themes. When choosing events, the emphasis is on events that are widely available online. 

All our releases can be found on our website. We also recommend subscribing to the releases so you get them sent to your email immediately after release. Subscribe to the releases here. You can also follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Financial reports published regularly are always preceded by a quiet period that starts 30 days before the date of publication of the report.

A four-week silent period before publication of financial reports is observed in investor meetings.

Disclosure Policy

Taaleri's Disclosure Policy describes the key principles and practices according to which Taaleri operates in investor communication and financial reporting. In its communications, Taaleri complies with EU and Finnish legislation, Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd’s rules, the guidelines and regulations of the Financial Supervisory Authority and other authorities, the Finnish Corporate Governance Code of listed companies, as well as Taaleri’s Corporate Governance Principles, Insider Guidelines and other guidelines.

Link to Disclosure Policy document (PDF)


Ilkka  Laurila

Ilkka Laurila

Chief Financial Officer
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