Taaleri Group applies the procedures described in this section to all digital Taaleri-channels and online services such as websites, extranet, mobile applications and email-communication. All such services are later in this policy referred as “Online Services”. When you use the above-mentioned services, you accept and give your consent that data will be collected and processed as described in these privacy procedures.

What data do we collect and why?
How do we collect data?
Data assingment and transfer
Access and blocking
Changes to these privacy procedures

What data do we collect and why?

We collect and process your personal data and other collected data only for our internal business, for the marketing of our products and services, in order to improve our electronic services and to better understand the needs of the users of the service. We can also use your data to assist you online, to communicate with you and to deliver the communication that you have ordered. 

  • The Online Services stores IP address, browser type and operating system of users
  • Some of the Online Services require registration and logging in to the service. 
  • registration for events: name, contact details and special dietary requirements 
  • newsletter subscription: email address
  • contact to Taaleri: name, contact details and what the matter concerns

We use third-party analytics tools in order to be able constantly to enhance the user experience of the Online Service users, and, among other things, to better understand the ways people use the features and to provide tips and guidance on their use.  These tools collect data at the Online Services, such as clicking paths, downloads and what content, products and services are looked at when people use Online Services. Just like other online services, Online Services may collect this data using cookies. Further information on this can be found below in the section “How do we collect data?”.

How do we collect data?

Certain data collecting tools (Later referred as “Data Collecting Tools”) have been linked to the Online Services.  Most of the data collected via them is not personal data, but in some cases data collected might be classified as personal data.  

When you enter the Online Service, the service asks for your permission to use Data Collection Tools. However, the permission shall not be asked if you have consented to the use of cookies in your browser settings. Accordingly, the permission shall not be asked if you have denied the use of cookies in your browser settings. Should this be the case, the Online Services may not work fully. If the Online Service requires signing in, it also requires acceptance of session cookies. 

We use 

We also analyse the interest in the newsletters that we send by email, in order to be able to improve the content of the emails and to better target messages. 

We also use other third party services, such as Google APIs, which may collect users´ device-, application- or software data for marketing and/or tracking purposes, and which is then sent to the third party, such as Google, for the purpose of development of the tool. In addition, the third-party service may be for example for prevention of junk mail, such as Recaptcha. Services like that do not normally collect personal data. 

Data assignment and transfer

Taaleri may use subcontractors in the processing of data, customer service, the production of online services, marketing analysis or communication with other parties or service providers. The partners are carefully selected service providers with whom there is a written agreement on data processing. We use partners whose servers are situated in the EU/EEA area. If, under exceptional circumstances, data is transferred outside the EU/EEA area, Taaleri ensures that it is done as required by EU data protection legislation. 

The Data Collecting Tools offered by the third parties collect data about what users do on Online Services. The transfer of the user’s data to these parties is done in accordance with the data protection practices of the company providing the features. You can read on how the data is processed and block the collection and the use of your data by the third parties in question as described in the section ‘Access and Blocking’.

Access and Blocking

If you do not want to accept cookies on our Online Services, you can either, when entering the Online Service for the first time, not to give your consent, or you can set your browser to notify you before the acceptance of cookies and to block cookies as necessary. 

On most browsers, a Settings menu can be opened on the menu bar. This can be used to find instructions for changing browser settings, if you want, for example, to block new cookies, receive a notification about new cookies or completely remove cookies from use. At settings, you are not able to choose certain cookie-categories as allowed, but cookies are either completely denied or completely allowed. You can find instructions for Google Chrome here: https://policies.google.com/technologies/managing?hl=en 

Third parties whose services we use, and who may gather data regarding the use of Online Services (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn) provide you an access at their own services to control your marketing settings at anytime. 

Changes to these privacy procedures

Changes may be introduced to these privacy procedures. We hope that you will read these online privacy procedures from time to time, in order to get the latest information on our privacy-related operating practices.