In accordance with the Market Abuse Regulation, Taaleri Plc's Board members, managers and their closely associated persons are asked to follow these instructions when reporting transactions related to Taaleri's financial instruments.

The notification must be made in writing and the person in the management position must retain a copy of the notification.

Instructions on notifying of transactions

1. Inform Taaleri immediately

Immediately after making the transaction, send notification of the transaction to

2. Information needed for the notification

Taaleri Plc’s LEI code 743700LSJBDD7TMLAD92
Taaleri Plc’s trading code TAALA
ISIN code of Taaleri Plc’s share FI4000062195
ISIN code of Taaleri Plc’s (former Taaleritehdas’s) first bond FI4000088026
ISIN code of Taaleri Plc’s (former Taaleritehdas’s) second bond FI4000108543
Notification reference number Generated automatically on the form

3. Deliver the notification

Send the completed form as an email attachment to Taaleri Plc and to the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority immediately and no later than three (3) business days after the date of the transaction. 

Notification of transactions to the FIN-FSA

Transactions will be notified to the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) via electronic services. You can log in to the electronic services at General and service-specific instructions for using electronic services can be found here (in Finnish).

Notification of transactions to Taaleri Plc

Either send the form to Taaleri or copy the summary in stock exchange release format and send it to In the email, include the phone number you can be reached at should Taaleri have any questions related to the notification.

If problems arise, you can contact We try to respond to emails as soon as possible.

Taaleri Plc will publish the received notification as a stock exchange release within two business days upon receiving the notification. Additional information about the regulation related to transaction notifications by the managers and their closely associated persons is available in the company’s insider guidelines and, e.g., from the Financial Supervisory Authority website​​​​​​​​​​​​​​