Skilled and knowledgeable Taaleri employees are the foundation of our success.  Committed and thriving personnel are a prerequisite for achieving Taaleri’s goals and implementing its strategy.

We want to make sure that the management, remuneration and development of our personnel support the achievement of the company’s goals in both the short and the long term. As is stated in our values, we at Taaleri respect and value our colleagues, care for each other and want to succeed together.

We annually prepare an action plan based on our strategy to develop our personnel and their competence. To ensure a safe and inclusive working environment, our actions are guided by Taaleri’s Code of Conduct, Personnel Policy, Equality and Non-Discrimination Plan, as well as our operating instructions for incidents of inappropriate treatment.

Every Taaleri employee is entitled to a safe and healthy working environment. Any kind of inappropriate treatment, bullying, harassment or discrimination will not be tolerated in the Taaleri work community.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

During 2022, Taaleri set concrete internal goals and prepared measures to promote equality, diversity and inclusion among our personnel. Taaleri will continue to develop personnel surveys and assessments to cover issues related to these themes more broadly and, based on the results, determine further actions to be developed. We actively promote equality and inclusion in our recruitment processes.

Percentage of employees by assumed gender and position

Female Male Total
Board of Directors 33 % 67 % 100 %
Executive Management Team 44 % 56 % 100 %
Other supervisors 30 % 70 % 100 %
Other employees 37 % 63 % 100%

Read more about Taaleri employees and social responsibility key figures for example in our Annual Report and Personnel Policy.

The Annual Report, policies and other guiding documents are available here.