Our goal with all of our partnerships is to ensure that their operations meet our expectations and requirements and to support our partners in their own sustainability work.

In this context, the word ‘partner’ primarily refers to stakeholders with whom we have a contractual relationship related to our core business.

We set boundary conditions for the kind of investments we are involved in and what we expect from our partners in projects. In addition, we take sustainability issues into account in our own procurements throughout their life cycle, for example by committing suppliers to our key principles, such as good governance practices and respect for human and labour rights.

We also assess what kinds of legal obligations are related to our partners and our cooperation with them, for example through environmental and social impact assessments or licensing processes. We define appropriate cooperation methods and prioritise issues to be addressed case-specifically, as needed. If a Taaleri partner fails to comply with relevant and agreed sustainability or disclosure requirements or good governance practices, we will intervene and seek solutions together with the partner. If necessary, we will proceed to end the partnership if no solution can be found.

Read more about the processes and criteria guiding Taaleri’s sustainable partnerships, for example in Taaleri’s Code of Conduct, Sustainability Policy, Partner Code of Conduct and business-specific Codes of Conduct. The policies and other guiding documents are available here.