Taaleri is a Nordic investment and asset manager that focuses on businesses with industrial-scale opportunities within bioindustry and renewable energy. Taaleri is listed on the stock exchange maintained by Nasdaq Helsinki.

We combine capital with talent, expertise, entrepreneurship, and a bold sense of purpose. Our team has a proven track record of turning opportunities into successful investments. 

Taaleri as an investment


Shares and share capital, own shares, share issues and authorisations, dividend and dividend policy, and share tools.

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Major shareholders, notification of transactions by managers and closely associated persons, management shareholding, flagging, and total shareholder return calculator.

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Financial Information

Key figures, bonds and covenants.

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Reports and Presentations

Taaleri publishes reports outlining its financial position and performance quarterly.

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Taaleri Group’s corporate governance principles and the institution-specific rules of procedure. In its operations, Taaleri Plc complies with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code published by the Securities Market Association.

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