We want to be a pioneer in impact and ESG investing. By impact investing we pursue good financial returns and promote solutions to responsibility and sustainability issues the world is facing.

We enable impact investing with innovative and impactful investment products featuring themes such as climate change and sustainable development. Additionally, we take into consideration the ESG factors in our investments - the responsibility aspects related to the environment, society and governance. We believe that investments can generate economic value and simultaneously steer the markets towards a more sustainable future. 

In addition to ESG integration, our responsible investment strategies include among other things active ownership, exclusion and thematic investing. We comply with international standards, norms and regulations related to the environment and society.

In countries where we operate we are also committed to comply with the specific national laws and regulation. In addition to international and national standards and norms, we manage investment sustainability risks through various quantitative and qualitative analyses, continuous monitoring and guidelines.

We strive to minimise the negative sustainability risks for Taaleri, our stakeholders and the surrounding society. We make our investment decisions based on financial factors, impact and responsibility assessment. We offer investment products that enable sustainable development.

Taaleri's Code of Conduct and Corporate Responsibility Policy guide us and all our businesses. We act responsibly and follow good governance and the principles of responsible investing in all our operations.