Taaleri’s objective is to distribute to shareholders at least 50 percent of the profit for the financial year, as well as the capital that the company does not need for growth investments or to fulfil its targets for solvency.

Deciding on dividend distribution

The Board of Directors proposes that a dividend of EUR 0.70 per share, a total of EUR 19,813,934.00 will be paid for the financial year 2022. The dividend proposal is to distribute EUR 0.45 as a dividend based on the profit for the period of continuing operations, and EUR 0.25 as a dividend based on the sale of the wealth management operations. The parent company’s distributable funds were EUR 139,396,913.81, which includes EUR 14,892,445.81 in net profit for the financial year. The dividend is to be paid in one instalment.

The dividend will be paid to shareholders who are registered in the list of shareholders maintained by Euroclear Finland Ltd on the record date, which is 17 April 2023. The dividend payment date proposed by the Board of Directors is 24 April 2023.

Effective Dividend Yield

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
1.10% 1.40% 2.40% 2.70% 2.50% 4.20% 1.90 % 3.90 % 19.60% 6.30%

Result and Dividend/share, EUR