We believe
ownership is for everyone

We want to help all Finns see the advantages of ownership and find their own way to own.

Welcome Taaleri’s Investor Relations

Our goal is to develop the Finnish capital market with our clients.

Investment solutions

Taaleri’s investment solutions are your ideal tools for building your investment portfolio.

Ownership for everyone

Ownership is a wonderful thing: it creates work, growth and prosperity, and it’s an investment into Finland. That’s exactly why Taaleri, a provider of high quality wealth management and financial services, has been driving and advocating Finnish ownership for a long time. We believe ownership is for everyone. You can own with our help, own with us, or even own a part of us.

We know the world is conquered by facing challenges head on and grasping them fearlessly. For that very reason our equity funds are focused on many of tomorrow’s growth industries, from wind power to real estate and bioenergy. We are leading the way by continuously developing new ownership opportunities for you, enriching your life in new ways. Thousands of customers are already growing the Finnish capital market with us.

Join us – ownership is for everyone.

Always up to speed

Taaleri keeps a close eye on news, events and trends regarding investments, financing and ownership. We are the interpreter between our customers and the constantly changing world of investment. We clarify the complex and guide you along the way, helping you make the best possible wealth management decisions.

We are busy tweeting, blogging and writing market reviews and news to keep you up to date about the latest twists and turns of the financial world. Start reading to get excited and inspired with us – there are so many fascinating things going on!

For the time being our blogs and other frequently produced materials are only in Finnish.

You deserve better wealth management

At Taaleri, wealth management goes beyond the usual securities investments. With us, you can invest as an owner directly into ventures and businesses, which have traditionally been out of reach for private investors and smaller institutions.

We dare to challenge our industry’s established practices by combining capital, ideas and entrepreneurship in new ways. Besides investment opportunities, we offer market insights and innovative ideas. We structure and clarify the rapidly evolving world of investment, keeping in mind your investment goals and our shared growth targets. In order to expand Finnish ownership, we relentlessly develop new investment and financial solutions.

Your wealth in good hands

Each one of our customers has unique circumstances and objectives. It’s part of our professional expertise to care for our customers’ wealth based on their exact goals. Use the links below to read more about our solutions and services.

Wealth management solutions

Wealth management planning always starts with setting your own investment goals. These are based on your individual risk tolerance and your return expectations. Taaleri’s portfolio includes products for every kind of investor. Take a closer look via the links below.

Innovative financial services made for you

Direct financing is transforming global finance. A recent example of this change in financial markets is the growth of peer-to-peer lending. This is a new form of direct financing, in which several different parties lend money to those who need it, via modern and secure online services. To lenders, it offers an opportunity to diversify their own risk.

The European peer-to-peer lending market is growing fast, and we are among the first Finnish companies to be part of it. Our convenient and effective Fellow Finance service lets you get involved in peer-to-peer lending, too.

Garantia is an insurance company specialised in guaranties. It issues guaranties for Finnish companies’ financing and other liabilities, as well as insures investment related risks.

Visionary yet hands-on

Taaleri is a full service wealth management and financing company. We are used to rolling up our sleeves and working for your assets in ways that many of our peers would consider impossible. Having already created equity funds around wind power, bioenergy and property, we’re always on the lookout for new investment opportunities for our clients – ones that combine capital with great ideas.

Driving Finnish ownership is our passion, and now we want you on board, too. As a Taaleri customer you can own with us, with our help, or even own a part of us. In this way, you’ll be able to enrich your own life while creating growth, jobs and prosperity in Finland-- with both us and our other satisfied clients.

Join us – at Taaleri, ownership is for everyone and your wealth is in good hands.