The auditor of Taaleri Group is Ernst & Young Oy and the appointed auditor is Authorised Public Accountant Tomi Englund. Oy Tuokko Ltd is responsible for the internal audit.

Statutory auditors assess the accuracy of the financial reporting. The auditors audit the company’s and Taaleri Group’s accounting, annual accounts and governance to ensure that the operations of Taaleri Group conform to law, annual accounts are prepared in accordance with current legislation and regulations and give shareholders and other interest groups accurate and adequate information on the earnings and financial position of the company and the Group.

The internal audit assesses the effectiveness and adequacy of the financial reporting of the company and its group and reports on the inspections to the executive management and to the Board of Directors. Taaleri Group does not have a separate internal audit organisation. The CEO is responsible for the implementation of the internal audit to the extent necessary. The Deputy CEO is responsible for the practicalities of the internal audit. In practice, the internal audit is outsourced to an audit firm and conforms to the international internal audit standards.

In accordance with the Articles of Association, the auditor of the company shall be a KHT auditor, referred to in Section 4 of the Auditing Act, or a KHT firm, referred to in the Section 5 of the aforementioned act. The term of the auditors shall end at the end of the next Annual General Meeting of Shareholders that follows the election.

The Annual General Meeting held 20 March 2015 elected Ernst & Young Oy, a KHT firm, as the company’s auditor. KHT auditor Ulla Nykky is the auditor with principal responsibility. The Annual General Meeting decided to pay the auditor’s remuneration according to the invoice approved by the company.