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Finland’s leading water-saving service company Envera Oy gets a new owner, as Taaleri’s circular economy fund buys 20% of the company’s share capital. Taaleri’s holding helps to realise Envera’s strong growth plan. 

With 20 staff currently in Espoo, Tampere and Oulu, Envera will open offices in Turku and Stockholm during the next year. Envera’s objective is to become the leading supplier of real-estate water-saving services in the Nordic Countries by 2020.

“Taaleri’s holding speeds up Envera’s strong growth. During the next year, we will recruit to our team 20 enthusiastic and responsible professionals to develop themselves into top water-saving experts,” says Envera Oy CEO Henri Kajula.

Envera’s Fiksuvesi (SmartWater) service reduces unnecessary water use, benefiting all interest groups. The concept has been proven to be well-functioning in Finland, and now it is ready to go international.

Growth prospects are supported by the well-functioning Fiksuvesi concept and capable management team. As an investment target, Envera is a perfect fit to Taaleri’s Circular Economy, because it is smart to earn money through resource-saving. It is great to speed up Envera’s growth story together with the company’s management,” says Investment Director Tero Luoma on the Taaleri Circular Economy fund.

Further information:

Henri Kajula, CEO, tel 358 45 631 6186, henri.kajula@fiksuvesi.fi

Tero Luoma, Investment Director, tel. 358 50 344 9993  tero.luoma@taaleri.com

Envera in brief

Envera Oy is a service company in the water-saving field, with offices in Espoo, Tampere and Oulu. Employing twenty water-saving professionals, the company serves hundreds of housing cooperatives and Finland’s leading property owners, saving over 20% in their water use on average.

Taaleri in brief

Taaleri is a financial group whose parent company, Taaleri Plc, is listed on the main list of the Helsinki Stock Exchange. Taaleri provides wealth management and financing services to institutional investors, companies and private individuals. Taaleri Group consists of the parent company Taaleri Plc and four operational subsidiaries: Taaleri Wealth Management Ltd and its subsidiaries, Taaleri Private Equity Funds Ltd and its subsidiaries, Taaleri Investment Ltd and Garantia Insurance Company Ltd. In addition, Taaleri has an associated company, Fellow Finance Oy, which offers peer-to-peer lending services. The Group has over 180 employees. Its offices are located in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Pori, Oulu, Istanbul and Nairobi.

At the end of 2015, Taaleri had assets under management of EUR 3.9 billion and 3,500 wealth management clients. Taaleri Plc has more than 2,400 shareholders. The operations of Taaleri are supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Further information about our company and services can be found at: 


Taaleri on Twitter


         Taneli Hassinen, Head of Communications and IR, Tel. 358 40 504 3321

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