Taaleri Aurinkotuuli II is Taaleri’s second international private equity fund investing in solar and wind energy.

The renewable energy market is being globally revolutionised and is creating new opportunities for investors.

Renewable energy offering solutions in the fight against climate change

Energy production plays a key role in the fight against climate change. By switching to emission-free energy production alternatives, we can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions caused by energy production. The best opportunities for growth are solar and wind power, which are not only renewable and cost-effective but also emission-free energy production alternatives.

Renewable energy a competitive alternative

Renewable energy production technologies have been developing, and at the same time production costs have been falling. In new production, solar energy and wind power are competitive market alternatives in comparison to other forms of energy.

Taaleri an expert in renewable energy

Taaleri develops energy infrastructure projects and has made investments in projects in the development and construction phases. Taaleri has international expertise and experience in managing solar, wind and geothermal energy projects throughout their life cycle. Taaleri is involved at all stages of the projects, including once they are operational. This operating model distinguishes Taaleri from other purely financial actors.

Taaleri Aurinkotuuli II Ky

Taaleri Aurinkotuuli II Ky is an alternative fund managed by Taaleri Private Equity Funds Ltd. The fund’s only investment target is the Taaleri SolarWind II SCSp RAIF alternative fund registered in Luxembourg and managed by Taaleri Energia Ltd.

The fund can only be invested in by professional investors and so-called well-informed private investors who understand the risks of the investment, invest in the long-term and who have the prerequisites to bear the investment-related risk, taking into account the size of the investment.

Taaleri Aurinkotuuli II offers the private investor access, alongside major institutional investors, to a private equity investment that he/she would not otherwise have the opportunity for.