This fund offers investors the chance to combine financial objectives and sustainable benefits for the environment.

In circular economy, the value of material throughout its life cycle is understood. The circular economy is resource-smartness. It is more than just recycling because, right from the very beginning, the aim of the circular economy is to manufacture materials and products that remain in circulation, thus also minimising the amount of waste generated,

Taaleri reacted to a changing world and to responsible thinking by establishing the Taaleri Circular Economy Private Equity Fund. It was opened to investors in March 2016 and, after just six weeks, had accumulated approximately EUR 40 million of investment commitments from a total of some 370 investors.

The fund focuses particularly on three themes: renewable energy, recycling and material processing, and energy-saving solutions. The circular economy has also been a spearhead of the Finnish Government Programme. According to a report by Sitra, for Finland the circular economy is an opportunity worth EUR 1.5–2.5 billion in added value.

During its period of activity, Circular Economy has made capital investments in both companies and individual production plants. The fund is a well-balanced combination of growth companies, established businesses and cash flow-based asset items.

The fund's investments are ChempolisLämpöhuolto GroupSmartvattenNaps SolarWastewise GroupTouchpoint, and Volter. The fund has exited OptiWatti and Ecomation investments.   

The fund is closed and is no longer accepting new investors.

No consideration of adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors

This financial product is labelled as an Article 6 product according to EU SFDR regulation (2019/2088). The investments underlying this financial product do not take into account the EU criteria for environmentally sustainable economic activities. This is because these products are closed funds that no longer actively do marketing market or raise funds, and no changes can be made to their investment strategies.

Portfolio Manager

Kati Salo

Kati Salo

Portfolio Manager
Taaleri Private Equity Funds Ltd
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