Taaleri Wind Power Fund IV is Taaleri’s fourth fund investing in domestic wind power.

Investment in wind power is financially profitable as, with technological development, the price of wind power technology has fallen, the production capacity of wind farms has increased and technical service life has been extended.

Taaleri Wind Power Fund IV Ky is an alternative fund managed by Taaleri Private Equity Funds Ltd. The targeted size of the fund’s equity is €100 million.

The fund invests its assets in industrial-scale Finnish wind power projects. The intention is to make the investments in domestic projects in the construction phase, but the fund may also invest in plants already in production. The investments are made using both equity and debt financing.

The fund invests only in Finnish projects provided by Taaleri SolarWind II fund and on the same terms and conditions as Taaleri SolarWind II. Such projects include the 19 wind turbines project in Oltava producing approximately 90 MW and the 20 wind turbine project in Posio producing approximately 100 MW. The fund has also identified other potential investment targets.

Renewable energy – a combination of economic and climatic targets

Energy production plays a key role in the fight against climate change. By switching to emission-free energy production alternatives, we can significantly reduce the carbon dioxide emissions caused by energy production. According to forecasts, by 2020 the majority of new investments in energy production are expected to be in renewable energy.

The most significant growth opportunities are, for example, in wind power, which is both a renewable and emission-free energy production alternative. In many countries, the production of renewable energy is economically profitable even without state tariff systems. In Finland too, wind power is a competitive alternative on the market in comparison to other forms of energy, as production technologies have developed while production costs have been falling.

Wind power creating a foothold in the domestic electricity market

Since the 1990s, wind power has been the world’s fastest-growing form of electricity production.  2018 was a historic year for wind power in Finland, as more electricity from wind power was generated than from fossil fuels.

By the end of 2018, Finland had a total of 698 wind turbines, the production of which covered 6.7 % of Finland’s total electricity consumption. In 2018, Taaleri wind power funds’ share of the electricity produced by wind power in Finland was 15.5 %.

Taaleri’s profound expertise in the sector

This is Taaleri’s sixth private equity fund investing in renewable energy and the fourth investing in Finnish wind power. Taaleri’s first wind power fund was launched in Finland in 2010.

Taaleri has expertise in managing energy infrastructure projects throughout their life cycle. By participating in project identification, development, construction, financing, operation and decommissioning, Taaleri distinguishes itself from other purely financial actors.

Taaleri has made many investments in industrial-scale renewable energy projects in the development and construction phases, both at home and abroad.